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VLM Method vs Steam Cleaning

Low Moisture cleaning: Most people think that Low Moisture cleaning is the same thing as dry cleaning but it is not. In dry carpet cleaning, a dry compound is used that is spread onto the carpet for cleaning purpose. Carpet cleaners then allow the compound to work into the carpet slowly. All the soil and the dirt that is present in the carpet will get absorbed by the compound which in turn can be pulled away by a vacuum machine.

Low Moisture cleaning is better than steam cleaning in many ways. This method is gaining popularity as it combines the qualities of steam cleaning and dry cleaning successfully. The Low Moisture cleaning method uses cleaning compounds. They are mixed with water and sprayed onto the carpet gently. The presence of moisture in the carpet is just about enough to make the cleaning agents work and mix with the soil. The cleaning compound gets activated and loosens up the dirt soil and other contaminants. Either a rotary floor machine or a cylindrical rotating brush is used to spread the cleaning agent and work the detergent well into the carpet. The dirt is then removed from the carpet by a brush. The dirt that still remains in the carpet can be extracted by using encapsulating cleaning agents.

It is a very effective method of carpet cleaning. The cleaning agent encapsulates the dirt and the soil while the carpet is agitated. The dried up dirt and the detergent is extracted through vacuum cleaning. Another, great advantage of low moisture cleaning method, is that it helps to dry out carpet in just one-two hours, while in case of steam cleaning a carpet may take up to 48 hours of drying time. Besides, as the carpet dries out quickly in low moisture cleaning, this technique inhibits the growth of bacteria and mildew.

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