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VLM Carpet Cleaning Serving Las Vegas and North Las Vegas

When choosing a carpet cleaner you have many options with different companies using different methods. At Bramel Carpet Cleaning we have chosen to use VLM which stands for very low moisture, we love this method because it is low maintenance for the customer. Our method provides a 1 hour dry time for the customer's convenience, as opposed to steaming and deep extraction methods that leaves the carpets wet for 8 to 24 hours which can lead to the growth of bacteria and is very inconvenient. We ensure that your carpets will come out clean, disinfected and deodorized, we pride ourselves in spending time and effort to make sure every stain is cleaned by hand then by our commercial grade machines. Our method is a 4 part process; first we vacuum any dirt or debris, then we pre spray using our encapsulated product "Awesome Encap" which is a plant based professional cleaning product. Then we agitate the area using the Oreck orbiter, this will loosen any dirt and break down any stains and let the product work into the carpet. Next we use our large Viper (commercial grade floor cleaner) which has bonnets that will pick up the residual residue. This method is a great way to maintain your carpets, the process is fairly quick and the dry time is only 1 hour which helps keep the carpet clean after service. The most frustrating element about deep water extraction is that the carpets take so long to dry that in that time you may need to step on them which could lead to new stains when they dry. We eliminate that problem with our quick dry time, we also have fair prices, we do not believe in upselling and will only recommend products that will benefits our customers

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