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Urine stains and Our method to ensuring a clean smelling home

The only way to prevent urine accidents is to beware of your pets and their habits. Once your pet marks an area they usually return to that area to mark again. Clean the mess immediately or as soon as possible because the enzymes will penetrate the rug/ pad underneath which results in the carpets smelling even after the stain is cleaned and dried. If this is the case and you cannot remove the smell, we have a special pet enzyme treatment that will eliminate this issue and leave your carpets smelling amazing.


This is the product we use to remove all urine pet enzymes; this product is organic and safe for children and animals. We pride ourselves in finding, researching, and using the best products on your carpets. We pretreat the carpet with our tested premix, we apply the pet urine enzymes, then we agitate the products into the carpet to let the product work into the fibers.

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