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How To Upkeep Your Carpets

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Here are some helpful tips to keep your carpets clean

Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning; Carpet Cleaning; Quick Dry Time; Stains; High Traffic Areas; Pet Stains Urine

(Carpets are still wet)

This job had heavy traffic areas that consisted of grease and oil from their parking lot that would get tracked inside the house. Most people don't realize how much dirt and grime is on their shoes.

We are proficient in removing these stains, but it is best for the life of your carpets to keep daily upkeep using these simple tips

Tip #1 - Vacuum Dailly

It is important to vacuum every day or as much as possible, this well help keep dirt and lint off your carpets. Vacuuming is especially important if you have pets, pet hair and dander can accumulate over time if it is not vacuumed.

Tip #2 - Remove shoes when entering the home

People don't realize how much oil and grease your shoes track in from driveways and parking lot which is why it is best to just remove your shoes when in the homme

Tip #3 - Clean Stains Immediately

It is imperative to clean up stains as soon as they become visible, this will help the stain not to seep into the carpet fibers making it harder to clean. There are household products that can help clean up the stains, and if those don't work that's where Bramel Carpet Cleaning comes in. Some stains like pet urine stains can be treated with household products but the smell might return after the carpets are dry. We use a special pet enzyme formula which will eliminate the stain and smell completely.

Tip #4 -Professionally clean carpets every 4-6 months

We highly recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned every 4 to 6 months, this will ensure that your carpets are always upkept. Allergens, dirt and bacteria get trapped in the fibers of the carpets creating allergies and air borne contaminants which can directly affect your health and wellbeing. Living in the Las Vegas area makes us already prone to allergies but keeping your carpets clean can help the air quality in your house benefiting the lives of you and your family.

Closing Note

We want to do the best job possible; Our goal is to revive your carpets, help keep the integrity and longevity of your carpets

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